Things Everyone Knows About TOON BLAST That You Don't


  • Rocket (5 solid shape combo) - 5 blocks together will show a rocket on them. By tapping on them you make a rocket that can be utilized to clear flat or vertical squares in the given line, contingent upon which heading the rocket is situated.
  • Bomb - (7 3D square combo) - when you get a bomb combo, this permits you to clear the 8 squares encompassing the bomb you make.
  • Disco Ball (9 3D shape combo) - making this combo permits you to free all squares from a similar shading on the board. Excessively valuable when the objective is to clear a particular shading
  • Try for twofold combos - considerably more dominant than you standard combo and multiplied combos. All in all on the off chance that I've made a combo, I do whatever it takes not to utilize it immediately except if I have to. I search for approaches to make more combos close by so I can consolidate them for more prominent outcomes. For instance, a disco ball and a rocket joined will put a rocket in each square that is a similar shading as the disco ball. This sort of move alone will regularly free an enormous segment from the game board.


  • Learn how to deal with various obstructions - After your initial hardly any levels, you'll be acquainted with various types of hindrances that require exceptional moves to evacuate them. Here are the obstructions you'll experience in the initial 20 levels, and how to best arrangement with them
  • Balloons - must tap blocks directly by them to get them to pop. Whenever utilized effectively, a great combo against inflatables is a rocket Don't utilize a rocket to clear squares alongside inflatables in light of the fact that it has no impact. Rather, attempt to get rockets in a similar line or segment as inflatables to clear a few on the double. In the event that you are managing inflatables and ducks, clear inflatables first or they will stop your advancement.
  • Ducks - must move them to the base to finish evacuate. With ducks, attempt to concentrate on each in turn. Look forward at the combos that are descending and ensure there's a method to make a counterpart for the shading at the base, or else it very well may be difficult to get them out. Rockets, likewise fill in as incredible combos when attempting to clear ducks, in the event that you can get one in the correct position.
  • Bubbles - Bubbles don't move so you have to get combos into the obstructs that have the air pockets. When managing various hindrances, air pockets should take need over ducks and inflatables. Rockets in a similar line as a lot of air pockets can be a compelling method to clear them.

Tips and Strategies For Higher Toon Blast Levels (21 or more)

When you've passed level 20, you ought to be quite OK with how the game functions, however as more sorts of deterrents show up things do get dubious. The best thing you can do to continue progressing is to figure out how to manage all the one of a kind snags that tag along. Here are some we've experienced up until this point, and tips for overcoming them.

Containers - Crates resemble expands however progressively detestable. Organize clearing the ones running vertically at the edges first or your advancement will be hindered. On the off chance that the containers are set in obstruct in the inside, organize clearing each full vertical in turn beginning from the external edges or your advancement will be hindered.

Lights - With lights, you need to tap same hued blocks by them twice. Once to turn the lights on, the subsequent time to clear them. Top protect moves, it's a smart thought to attempt to tap combos that can turn on a lot of lights on the double